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tips from your butcher

Advice from your butcher

The days of relying on your local butcher for daily meat recommendations and general fare discussion are long past. Sure, there are niche communities like Columbus’ own North Market where where true food artisans exist and passion runs deep within each mercantile exchange. The vast number of us, however, have succumbed to the one-stop-shop super stores where it is possible to buy a gallon of paint, a dozen roses and a loaf of bread in a single trip.

advice from your butcher

No longer do we need a standing appointment to pick up our individually packaged ground sirloin, chicken cutlets and baby back ribs. Kroger, Giant Eagle and the like have given us a veritable vending machine for fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat. Information can be found as fast as our fingers can type, touch or swipe. The once sought after professional opinion has been replaced by Google.

advice from your butcher

Why do we have a tendency to replace trusted advisers with less personable alternatives? What causes society to DIY and steer away from professional expertise? The answer is that resources that were only available to few in the past now exist in abundance. Trading blue chip stock is possible with a simple internet connection. Teeth whitening that at one time required a trip to a dentist can now be done in the comfort of your own home. Everyone has access and everyone is a self-proclaimed expert.

How do businesses or tradesmen differentiate themselves amongst all of this competition? Why do some brands thrive while ten other just like it fail before their message even reaches an audience? Tom Shay with Profits Plus Solutions explains in his article “Cheaper is not Better” how selling a better mousetrap is a more advantageous business model than one that simply sells a cheaper one. Anyone can lower a price to try to attract customers but, that model is not sustainable. Focus must be placed on competitive advantages beyond a pricing structure; this is what creates value and a compelling reason to choose one option over another.

While Dumpabox remains competitive with our pricing structure we also exude the “greenest” and “greenest” choice in dumpster rentals. We have developed a right-sized model that utilizes an ideal footprint for residential and small business applications. Don’t settle for the supermarket version of a container rental company. Dumpabox might not be able to recommend the best beef cut for your dinner recipe but we are true experts in the field of recycling, removal and disposal. If you need a very precise dumpster drop, extra manpower for a cleanup or specific materials handled call us first and know that you will be treated like family.