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Dumpster Rental Tips To Optimize Your Rental Experience

Having a dumpster container for construction or remodeling projects is indispensable, especially when you have too much debris to handle. While getting a roll-off bin should be a seamless and short process, there are a few issues that can make your rental experience a hassle. You need to educate yourself on the dumpster rental process to make well-informed choices. Below are the best dumpster rental tips so you can optimize your rental experience.

Know Your Junk and Weight Estimates

Dumpster rentals have policies on the type of debris they can haul. The junk type can be household waste, yard waste, construction trash, e-waste, or dense demolition material. Audit your junk and note down the type of the trash and its weight estimates. At Dump-A-Box, we haul mixed-use waste like household garbage, remodeling waste, kitchen clean outs, roofing shingles, yard waste, and electronic waste. Additionally, we carry dense waste like concrete, bricks, drywall, plaster, and soil. There is a maximum weight limit that applies to each container size; that is why it is imperative to have your weight estimates beforehand.

dumpster rental tips

Choose the Best Dumpster Container Size

The key to optimizing your dumpster rental experience is picking the right dumpster size. Roll-off bin sizes vary and fit for different junk hauling projects. A too-small dumpster can, in many cases, force you to rent another container or request for dumping and return service. In the end, you will pay more. A too-big box may not fit in your designated space, and also you may pay for extra container space that you don’t need. Also, a bigger roll-off can damage your yard space or driveway.

We use mini dumpsters in sizes of 6, 10, 15, and 20 cubic yards, perfect for both light and dense junk material. Call us for pricing info. Once you get any of the sizes available, be sure to carefully fill it to maximize the capacity without exceeding the maximum weight limit.

Read and Re-read the Service Agreement Before Placing an Order

The information on the service agreement is crucial, whether oral or written. In your agreement are terms of use and rental guidelines to help you when using the dumpster container. Additionally, haulers stipulate their terms on extra charges in the service agreement. Take note of the fill levels so that you don’t overload your roll-off rental. We have a responsive and courteous team at Dump-A-Box from whom you can ask questions if you need clarification on your service agreement.

Create a Space for the Dumpster Container

Project, location, accessibility, and enough space are paramount when you need to place a bin. In terms of accessibility, you need to clear your dumpster placement location and ensure that nothing is blocking the way. Clear any overhanging tree branches and loose wires that may cause inconvenience during delivery and pick up. Also, steer clear of any public streets that people and vehicles use frequently. In such instances, you may need a permit for your dumpster. The potential need for a permit is one of the most missed dumpster rental tips, so be sure to ask if you’ll need a permit.

Pick a location close to the debris you want to toss away to increase efficiency and productivity. Also, ensure that your ideal placement area is level and sturdy enough to support your dumpster. Our mini roll-offs can fit even the tightest spaces. We have a qualified and licensed team that skillfully maneuvers tight alleyways and other areas.

Do you Need a Dumpster in Central Ohio?

Now that you’re educated on the most important dumpster rental tips, you’re ready to order. Dump-A-Box is your ideal dumpster rental company if you need fast and secure online dumpster scheduling. You will never find flexible rental periods anywhere else with reliable and professional phone support. Snag our competitive price tags with no hidden costs. You can book online or if you have questions, we are a phone call away!