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to bag or to box

to bag or to box?

There are many alternatives when it comes to residential container rentals, but which is better for you, to bag or to box? The price of the Bagster® option often promoted by the home improvement stores is alluring if not compelling.  Customers first buy the inexpensive bag. Next, the bag must be opened and spread  out; the process  is similar to laying down a large picnic blanket.  If you find yourself on this path, you might soon realize that your new “dumpster” is also about as effective as a blanket.  The bag is exactly what you might envision; a flexible container with unsupported sides and a limited capacity.  Several typical restrictions exist including the need to keep all debris below the height of the container.  This sounds reasonable, however, once you realize the Bagster® is slightly larger than two feet tall you might begin to have second thoughts on your “value” purchase. Incremental charges can also arise and before you can recalculate your decision, your new blanket is overflowing and the need for a second one has become a reality. Additionally, vague restrictions regarding heavy materials should also be noted about the bag option; its website states: “The Bagster bag can hold 1 cubic yard of heavy materials. Bagster® will not pick up any bags containing more than 1 cubic yard of heavy debris.”

If you are more confused now than you were when you started, it is to be expected. If you are replaying the purchase transaction in your mind, “the clerk at the store told me this thing holds three cubic yards”, we understand your grief. They also don’t accept “yard waste, appliances, electronics or large stumps”…large stumps??  Thanks for the clarity…their definition of heavy material is subjective at best.

to bag or to box

All of the uncertainty can be boiled down to this: A Bagster® rental requires separate container and removal transactions, accepts fewer types of items, holds less material and is more expensive than our dumpsters based on volume.

Consider Dump-A-Box the logical and reliable alternative. Dump-A-Box will carefully deliver a clean, right-sized dumpster to your door, allow ample loading time and schedule a convenient pickup all within a similar, reasonable budget. Additionally, when it comes to disposal, our team will work with ultra-high standards to remove reusable items and materials that can be salvaged and diverted from a landfill.  Our goal is to divert more than 50% of waste that we haul, either to reuse or recycle. Dump-A-Box will happily answer all of your questions about material disposal, allowable items, how we separate recyclables or just about anything if we have the time! We pride ourselves on providing a premium, custom container service at an affordable price. Click HERE to rent a Box today that is twice as large as a Bagster® for $159 (mention 6 cubic foot container and the $159 special).*

*$159 Dump-A-Box pricing is contingent upon weight and type of waste disposed.  Please call (614) 915-0701 for any applicable questions about our service or products. Dump-A-Box is the greenest and cleanest disposal hauling company in central Ohio. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and give us a call if you have questions.