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Trash bags & balloons – 11 last minute halloween costumes!

It’s halloween already?! Ok, um…can you guys just wear the Kylo Ren and Elsa costumes from last year? Don’t be that mom or dad. Show that you still care and spend what time you have left before trick or treating starts and get creative with some things you might otherwise stick on the curb. Here at Dumpabox, we know all about trash and think that some of these items can be put to good use before their life expires. Pick one and GO! Hurry up!

11. Bag of Leaves:

halloween costumes

It doesn’t get much easier than this people. Run outside, grab some leaves from your yard, a leaf bag from the garage and your hot glue gun…presto. It works for the whole family; cut head and armholes and position the bag upside down or open the bottom and affix string or ribbon like suspenders. Glue some leaves to headbands or hats to “top off” the look or carry a rake to make it seem like you really worked for it.

10. Robot:

This one could take a little bit more work depending on how creative you or your kids want to be. The essentials consist of a large box or two, flexible dryer vent and some duct tape. I would recommend a couple cans of silver spray paint and some construction paper or markers. Feel free to add knobs, wires or bulbs from your junk drawer to give a true feel of intricate robotics.

9. Fish Bowl:

Everyone needs to incorporate a trash bag in to their costume at least once in their lifetime. Grab one white bag and one blue recycling or clear bag in addition to some string, bubble wrap and construction paper. On both bags, cut the bag ties at the top and swap for string. Cut open the entire bottom seam. Next cut small vertical slits every 3-4 inches and thread with more string. You now have a drawstring on both the top and bottom of the bag. Attach various “fishbowl” items that you create with construction paper or other creative means to the outside of the white bag. Step into the white bag, cinch the waist, fill with bubble wrap then cinch the top just under your arms. Layer with the clear or blue bag. Carry a net or a fishing rod if you have them. Voila…walking fishbowl.

8. Minions:

Another great idea for the whole family; you can never have too many Minions. This might take more than throwing together some existing items since you need a pair of yellow socks, a yellow t-shirt, and a yellow hat of some kind. You also need overalls or black shorts with something to replicate black suspenders. The goggles can be made with mason jar lids and hot glue. Use felt or construction paper to design a G. If you have any, don’t forget to bring the BANANAS!

7. Raining Men:

This costume is perfect for the single ladies. It can be done with any umbrella but we like the clear one pictued and paired with a raincoat and boots. Print out your favorite dudes on cardstock and attach them to your umbrella with clear packing tape. Hallelujah!

6. S’mores:

Chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers…better than all the candy in the world! You need a family or a group of at least 3 to complete this theme. A large cardboard box, brown paint and pillows are the essentials you need. Print out grey letters, 1-2 per sheet from your computer to spell out Herseys and affix to a piece that you have already painted brown (spray paint drys fastest). Speckle sandwich board-style pieces to resemble graham crackers (use suspenders or ribbon to hang from your shoulders). Clear packing tape and white pillows couldn’t be easier to achieve the perfect marshmallow. You will be cute enough to eat.

5. Pincushion:

This could also double as a voodoo doll depending on what level of freak you are aiming at. You can be super creative and add flair like exposed stiches and makeup if you want to up the creep factor. Either way, the necessary components are bbq sticks or dowel rods, porexpan or styrofoam balls, paint and hot glue. A high-density sponge or floral foam is also essential. Paint any items that need to be painted first to allow time to dry. In the meantime, hot glue the sponge to the costume, wait for that to dry then insert the sticks into the sponge and hot glue. Repeat these steps with a headband to achieve the look in the pic. Poke your heart out store-bought costume-wearer.

4. Gumball Machine:

Did you say please give me another trash bag option? The main components of this are similar to #9 the Fish Bowl costume. You will need one white and one clear trash bag. You also need some cardboard, small balloons, string , paint and/or construction paper. Instead of filing the white bag with bubble wrap, leave it empty; instead fill the clear bag with inflated balloons. I like the 3d option that utilizes a large box for the base instead of sandwich boards and suspenders; cut a round hole just big enough to step into and remove the side opposite of this hole. The round hole will sit around your waist and the missing bottom will be for your legs. Use the picture as a guide to create a coin slot, knob and dispenser hole. A red cap and some bubble gum to chew would be the perfect accessories.

3. Spaghetti & Meatballs:

Definitely the cutest costume on the list. You will need some off-white yarn, an off white cap, and an off-white onsie (or pants and shirt if you have gotten past the onsie stage). Styrofoam balls, red/brown paint, velcro and/or hot glue, and a tub to fit around you or your childs’s waist will all be necessary as well.First, paint the meatballs so they can dry. Separate and use the rough half of the velcro tape. Remove the adhesive and stick to the cap; the yarn will stick to the rough side. Repeat the process around the collar of the top. Next, start from the center of the tub and cut a slit to the edge, then cut a circle that measures the diameter of the wearer. It should be big enough to fit comfortably without sliding past the hips. Now you have an adorable mess.

2. Bob Ross & Happy Tree:

This is my favorite; I have an affinity for art humor:) If you can grow a beard, that would be a bonus so plan ahead a bit if possible. Dig out an afro wig from a past costume or get one pretty cheap at ANY store that has halloween gear; these are pretty easy to come by. Use the pic to coordinate the rest of the outfit. Create a paint palate out of carboard and find any old brush. For the tree, it can be as easy as findingg a brown outfit and carying some cut branches. You can be as creative as your happy little tree brain allows you to be!

1. Instagram Post:

Cardboard and creativity…that is all you need here. Use your printer and cheat a bit or bust out some markers and go to town. Everyone wants to know where you were last weekend so now is your chance to show them like you never have before. Think about adding video of you and your Insta-entourage trick or treating to your Instagram story for even more mindblowing impact. Boom.

So we didn’t have a sexy Pennywise costume listed like the cover pic suggests but that would be a great costume this year. Maybe if you planned ahead you could have done that. Then again, it is just a clown. A few white trash bags, some balloons a bit of makeup…hmmm you might be on to something. Whatever you pull off as a costume in the 11th hour this Halloween remember to stay safe, brush your teeth and call Dumpabox when you need to take out the trash.

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