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10 things we actually want for father’s day

We all have the neckties we never wear, an auto-return putting machine collecting dust in the basement and the whiskey stones that have long been forgotten in the back of the freezer. How about some things that we actually want? Here is a brief list of Father’s Day gifts that we (and more specifically I [wink wink]) will get excited about.

10. Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips:

father's day

These are a no brainer. Why didn’t we put this on the grocery list every week let alone include this in the top ten list? With this notion in mind, it should be imperative that something chocolate covered be given every Father’s Day. Find these bits of awesomeness at $30

9. Himalayan Salt Cooking Block:

father's day

Which one of us doesn’t like to grill? I’m not always thrilled about cooking dinner but creating new things on the bbq is not only fun but a dad requirement. Have you ever cooked on a block of salt before? I didn’t even know it was a thing but now that I know about it…let’s add that to the list. Check out the $30

8. Beer Cap State:

father's day

So, I love all kinds of beer. Well, I did before I found I needed to go gluten-free and now my selection is very limited and Guinness is right out…I digress. This is a unique way to show off your love of all things hops and barley. It’s kinda like the United States Quarter Map you might have already received as a Father’s Day gift but with more fun behind the acquiring. Start your collection at $35

7. Kolibri Drone with Camera & WiFi:

father's day

 Four words…remote, control, flying, camera. Whaaaaat?! When I was a kid I would have sold my sister to have one of these babies. Quad-copter away with a 6-axis flight control system and adjustable gyro sensitivity for less than it costs to have a nice dinner and a movie $139

6. Sock Club:

My wife and kids actually got this for me last year and I was hyped! I always have a hard time finding cool socks that actually fit. It is a new pair each month with a random design and an interesting story behind them. Funky socks set off even the most typical of dad attire. A must have; start the madness at $11

5. Kammok Roo Hammock:

father's day

 I had a hammock once…my sister got it from a village in central America somewhere, it was left out in the sun too long and fell apart. I miss that hammock. When searching for a new one I stumbled across this gem, highly rated from several sources. Big enough to fit two and comes with a lifetime warranty. Begin your campsite checklist at $99

4. Scene it? Seinfeld Edition:

father's day

 What guy do you know that can’t come up with his favorite episode of the greatest and most influential sitcom ever made? Double-dipping a chip, Festivus for the rest of us, the Soup Nazi…c’mon it’s gold Jerry, GOLD! This looks like hours of fun and you can get it for a steal at $15

3. Family Movie Night:

father's day

Most of have to admit that we would like to notch out more family time than we currently do. What better way to do that than kicking back in a swanky new theatre with recliner seating? I am eagerly awaiting #TheIncredibles2 and so are my kids. I am totally down with miniature golf, #Wendys and a trip for 5 to the AMC Theatre $50

2. Spyderco Tenacious EDC Folding Knife:

father's day

So when I was in college, my roommate wanted to go knife shopping for this $40 pocket knife. I laughed at him since our money was usually spent on cheap ice beer and microwave pizza but decided to tag along for the entertainment factor. Long story short, I along with 2 other roommates bought the same Spyderco knife. Fast forward ten years, that same friend handed out etched monogramed stainless steel versions of the Delica as groomsmen gifts. Many years have passed and I have lost and purchased this brand of knife a handful of times. Ask for one…you wont regret it and I found this Tenacious Black G-10 at for crazy mid 90’s money $40

1. Create a Man Cave:

father's day

Um, yes…someone in my family please call #Dumpabox at 855-458-6526, clear out all the crap in our basement and help start me on my journey to Y-chromosome bliss. How cool would it be to have beer keg bar stools or a stand-up Galaga machine?? If you already have a man cave, well good for you; this is now your list of “9 Things We Actually Want For Father’s Day.” Let the cleanup begin at $159