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Additional Dumpster Rental Fees

Hidden fees can be a nightmare when renting a dumpster. Roll-off dumpsters simplify any construction site, residential home, and industrial project. Leaving your debris or an expert to remove and dispose of it is great, but many people can chicken out when they hear additional fees. Additional dumpster rental fees are the extra money you have to pay to cover different dumpster services. Sometimes, you might pay additional fees for using the dumpster incorrectly. 

Additional Dumpster Rental Fees to Know

Additional dumpster rental fees can apply to any size and project, residential or commercial. Dump A Box values your trust in our services, and we guarantee you’ll not experience any surprise fees. We let our customers know upfront about any applicable overage fees. Below are examples of additional expenses when renting a dumpster. 

Rental Extension Fee

At Dump A Box, the rental period for any dumpster size is fixed for seven days. However, some projects last more than a week, and you might need an extended rental period. This is where the rental extension fee comes in! You pay a pro-rated fee to keep the container for more than the agreed rental period. We offer up to 30 days rental extension at an agreed rate per day. 

Overloading/Overfilling Fee

Our dumpsters have weight and fill limits. Yours and everyone’s safety comes first, so you can’t load excess debris in the dumpster. Plus, facilities charge per ton to dispose of trash, and you’ll have to pay to dispose of excess garbage—pro rata per ton in excess debris. 

Furthermore, the dumpster weight should comply with the federal DOT guidelines. Our crew can’t move an overloaded or filled bin, so you might have to remove the excess junk.

Rental Cancellation Fee

Do you want to cancel your dumpster rental? It might be because you want to reschedule your project or something came up, and you can’t proceed with your planned endeavor. You can cancel your rental but might have to pay a cancellation fee. Our customers can cancel their order within twenty-four hours and pay nothing. However, you’ll incur up to $75 in cancellation fees if we don’t receive your cancellation notice within one day. 

Prohibited Waste Fee

Prohibited waste includes any hazardous material banned by the federal and state from being dumped in a dumpster. Hazardous waste can be solid or liquid; you shouldn’t put them in a dumpster. An additional environmental fee of up to $150 and disposal costs can be charged. 

Additionally, discarding tires in the bin can attract additional costs. You can dispose of passenger or truck tires at extra fees of $21 and $39, respectively.

White Good Disposal Fee

Do you have major household electronics to dispose of? These white goods include washing machines, dryers, fridges, ovens, water heaters, stoves, and freezers. White goods contain massive amounts of toxic elements, and improper disposal can harm the environment. We charge $30 to dispose of any white goods item. The good news is we have proper and reliable disposal solutions for electric appliances.

Moving the Dumpster

The dumpster delivery team needs a clear spot to place the container. Choose a designated area close to the work site because you can’t move the dumpster once placed on the ground. You’ll need a Dump-A-Box truck to move a hauling container, and doing so yourself can mean an additional $100 fee. Let us know beforehand that you need the container moved, and our skilled drivers will do their best to accommodate your request. 

Avoid Additional Dumpster Rental Fees

Understanding the rental policy is critical to avoid additional fees when renting a dumpster. We strive to provide a more straightforward rental process with easy rental terms, ensuring you get the best service at a reasonable cost.