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What to Do with Columbus Construction Waste

Do you have construction waste to get rid of in Columbus? Construction debris includes various waste materials from projects like remodeling, construction, demolition, and roofing. Some of these waste types can be hazardous and non-biodegradable. Whether you have a minor bath renovation or a complete house remodeling, construction waste should be the least of your worries. There are many ways to manage construction waste in Columbus, regardless of the type. In this article, you’ll find reliable pathways for construction waste. Protecting our planet is crucial now more than ever, so planning for construction waste disposal beforehand is vital. 

What Can You Do With Construction and Demolition Debris?

Construction waste can sound like a useless by-product of construction and remodeling projects. On the other hand, much construction waste can be reused, recycled, or upcycled. Below are some of the safest ways to manage construction waste in Columbus. 

Donate Construction Waste in Columbus

Do you have a demolition or remodeling project in Columbus, OH? The fact is you’ll produce tons of rubble that need to go. Donating excess construction material is one of the responsible ways to manage waste. Consider carefully dismantling building materials if you’re demolishing to save on fixtures like doors, windows, cabinets, decor items, appliances, tiles, and finishes. 

Many organizations are ready to take construction waste donations. Habitat for Humanity is one of the leading non-profits that accept building material donations. Donating construction debris cleans up your work site and helps someone in need acquire the construction materials they need. Furthermore, giving them away helps reduce construction garbage in landfills. Search online, and ask friends, colleagues, and family when you need to find a local donation center for your valuable construction debris. 

Reuse or Recycle Your Construction Waste

Did you know that you can reuse old building materials? Reusing and recycling are also great construction waste management strategies. You can refurbish, repair, and reuse old construction materials. For example, bricks, tiles, ceramics, and metals can be useful construction materials for building an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. Additionally, you can use concrete waste to make DIY pathways or a water feature in the yard. 

Recycling is a process of turning old and unwanted construction materials into valuable raw materials. Most construction debris is recyclable, which can help divert as much construction garbage from our overfilled landfills. Some of the construction garbage you can recycle includes metals, cardboard, ceramic tiles, glass, and concrete. 

You can recycle concrete waste into aggregate, which can be used as a sub-base in construction or as raw materials for construction products. Wood waste from construction projects can make excellent engineered wood products, mulch, compost, and much more. Furthermore, excess insulation material can be perfect for soundproofing your interior walls. The City of Columbus offers excellent solutions for construction waste management. For instance, they have recycling options—working with the (SWACO) Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio— for non-traditional items.

Importantly, we can help you with industrial construction recycling. We’re a team of experienced and reliable experts regarding confined space jobs and material recycling. Contact us.

Let Dump A Box Handle Your Construction Waste

Handling and trucking construction waste to a suitable facility can be a lot of work. First, construction and demolition debris can be massive, and you need sturdy containers and reliable trucks to move them to the solid waste disposal facility. But not to fret! Dump A Box can do all the leg work for you. We service construction sites, whether residential or commercial, providing dependable waste management services.

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