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All About Dumpster Permits in Columbus

Here is a typical scenario: you’re planning to hire a dumpster for your residential endeavor, but the problem is the available space. If there is not enough placement space, it can be tricky for your hauler to drop off the roll-off container. Remember to designate a convenient hard surface to place your trash container. And if your project site doesn’t offer much space, you might need to consider using the public street. Now, this is where you need to obtain a right of way—or, in other words, dumpster permits in Columbus. Don’t overlook dumpster permits to avoid fines. If you’re ready to learn all about dumpster permits in Columbus, then keep reading.


The straightforward dumpster permit process in Columbus, Ohio

A dumpster permit in Columbus is under the right-of-way-permitting—also known as a right-of-way occupancy permit.

This permitting gives you the authority to place your garbage dumpster on the street, parkways, roadways, sidewalks, public alleys, and other spaces managed by the City of Columbus.

Obtaining a dumpster permit in Columbus is pretty straightforward, but first, you need to understand if such a permit is necessary for your project.

The City of Columbus offers online applications for occupancy and other construction-related permits, so you don’t have to go to the public service department.

You fill out the forms, make an upfront payment and submit them for review.

It will take between three to ten business days for the city to complete your dumpster permit processing.

If the department approves your Columbus dumpster permit, you can go ahead and print it out ready for use.

Remember that a dumpster permit is a temporary right-of-way permitting that is only effective within the dates you applied.

Should you need to extend the public street use, you might want to apply for another permit or check with The City of Columbus for more options.

dumpster permits in ColumbusWhat are the requirements to get dumpster permits in Columbus?

You must meet specific requirements to get a Columbus dumpster permit. 

Online permit applications that don’t meet the conditions might not be approved. And that means that it will push back your project schedule.

  • Personal/project information.

When applying for a Columbus dumpster permit, you need to supply as much required information as possible. For instance, you will need to fill out the form with permit details showing the project start date, the number of days you will need to use the public property, the start and end of your work hours (on the project), and the permit reasons.

Additionally, you will need to fill out your address and contact information—if applicable, you will also need to include your parking meters.

  • Site or MOT plan

Another requirement to apply for an occupancy permit in Columbus is the project plan and, if applicable, the MOT plan. An MOT plan stands for Maintenace of Traffic plan, and you will need to upload this document if you plan on shutting down the entire street.

  • Dumpster permit fees

And lastly, you will need to pay your Columbus dumpster permit fees upfront, and paying permit fees isn’t a guarantee that you will qualify for the permit.

With the correct information and the necessary documents, you can ensure smooth dumpster permit processing.


Who can apply for Columbus dumpster permits?

That’s a good question! If you’re a homeowner, construction project manager, contractor, or agent representing a homeowner, you can apply for a dumpster permit in Columbus, Ohio.

The dumpster permit processing can take up to two weeks, so submitting your application ahead of time is crucial.

At Dump A Box, we offer free consultations, and we can let you know if you need to obtain permits from The City of Columbus.