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Columbus Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Are you thinking about transforming your kitchen in Columbus? Whether you plan to replace everything in the kitchen or a part of it, Columbus kitchen remodeling can sometimes be intimidating.

There are many reasons you need to update your kitchen. Maybe your current kitchen isn’t as efficient as you want it to be, or you need to personalize it.

Perhaps a spark of inspiration hit you, and now you can’t wait to give your kitchen a makeover.

Whichever your reasons for remodeling are, we have helpful tips to help you navigate your new endeavor.


Plan, budget, and execute your kitchen remodeling

You probably have a rough sketch—in your head—of what your new kitchen should look like. However, it would be best to jot down a clear kitchen remodeling plan to guide you throughout the project.

Go to your kitchen and evaluate the fixtures and appliances you need to change. Are you going to make significant structural changes or a few fixes to get your ideal kitchen?

It is crucial to note such things down so you know which professional to bring on board.

Design your kitchen space and create a budget for it beforehand.

There are plenty of inspirations plus budget estimate online to give you a picture of things to expect.

Remember to install a makeshift kitchen to use during the remodeling period.


Consult the pros and bring in the experts

If you’re planning a complete kitchen overhaul, you might want to consult the experts even if you will do the remodeling yourself.

Hunt down your contractor pretty early to get the best bang for the budget. Last-minute contractors might charge you more, so be sure to get your contractor early to avoid hitches.

Some of the professionals you might want to work with include a general contractor, kitchen designer, plumber, electrician, and trash hauler. 

Consulting experts is crucial as they help you create realistic plans and achieve your kitchen remodeling dreams.


Demolish, declutter and dump

The next step is to focus on demolishing and creating a “canvas” to work on and build your dream kitchen.

Remove anything that needs to go, whether the cabinets, countertops, sinks, dishwasher, cooker or flooring.

At this stage, your debris hauler will come in handy. And this case, you can trust Dump A Box.

Fixing a right-size dumpster close by makes it easy to remove the remodeling trash.


Fix the electrical and plumbing

Electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures are vital in a modern kitchen setup. If you’re doing a complete kitchen renovation that could alter the current outlets, it is critical to focus on them first.

Remember, these are intricate remodeling fixtures, and you need to get licensed professionals to avoid pitfalls.

Also, a professional does a thorough job and per the local guidelines, making the approval process easy.

Should you do the electrical and plumbing, you might need to have a professional inspection before proceeding to the next step.


Work on the kitchen walls

The walls are the next thing you want to work on when remodeling your kitchen. Give the kitchen walls a good shape by installing the drywall. 

Add a primer and move on to the next step before resuming to finish the walls.

If you didn’t tear down any wall, you could spruce it up with new paints.


Install the cabinets

The fun part once you finish with the walls is installing the kitchen cabinets and garbage disposals. At this point, your Columbus kitchen begins to take good shape!

Add the backslash after installing the cabinets.

Columbus kitchen remodeling

Fix your kitchen appliances

The next step after fixing your cabinetry is to install the appliances. At this point, you’re super close to having your dream kitchen.

Install your stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, oven, etc.


Finish with the flooring

Whether you want to install vinyl, ceramic, or wood floors, this step is the exciting part.

Go with a flooring design that shows your statement and compliments your kitchen.

And voila! You have a brand new kitchen to make cooking fun.

Disposing of your columbus kitchen remodeling debris

When you’re ready to tackle your Columbus kitchen remodeling project, let Dump A Box bring a roll off dumpster rental to you. Our delivery process is easy, and our professional staff will help you from start to finish. Ready to book? Call or book online now.