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What Can Go in your Columbus Roll Off Dumpster

Ever wonder what can go in your Columbus roll off dumpster? Roll-off dumpsters have regulations to guarantee the safety of everyone handling the container and the environmental protection. Some construction waste materials and home junk are prohibited from landfills by the local and federal authorities. And for that reason, it is critical to understand the garbage that can go in your roll-off dumpster in Columbus. Unwanted junk in your dumpster can attract extra fees and fines. This article breaks down all the acceptable waste that can go into your trash container.

What can go in your Columbus roll-off dumpster? 

Typically, you can put recyclable, biodegradable, inert, or composite trash into a roll-off bin.

If you should put an item in the dumpster, the best way to gauge it is to check its packaging or warning labels.

A toxic item often has a warning sign on how to dispose of it after use.

If you’re not sure of the items—whether construction-related or household— you need to put in your receptacle, you can contact our team.

Some of the waste material you can dump into your roll-off container include;

Mixed debris

One of the types of ideal waste that you can discard in a dumpster is mixed debris.

This debris type is often a mix of recyclable garbage. 

You can put paper, plastics, glass, metals, bottles, cans, etc., into your residential or commercial Columbus dumpster.

Mixed debris can go through material recovery to separate clean recyclable waste from the trash.

General home junk

General home junk is another category of residential waste that you can toss in a dumpster.

If you’re thinking of doing an overhaul and home clean-up, you can consider putting all the general home junk into the roll-off dumpster.

General household junk includes anything unwanted in your kitchen, storage, closet, attic, garage, basement, or other room.

Some general home junk includes furniture, clothing, toys, junk mail, home office waste, plastics, cutlery, etc.

Also, remember that we allow most electronic waste like TVs, computers, appliances, printers, etc., but an extra cost per electronic.

E-waste is highly-regulated, so be sure to let us know about the e-waste you want to eliminate ahead of time.

C&D waste

C&D is an acronym for construction and demolition waste. And this is another category of debris that you can put in your Columbus roll-off dumpster.

Typically, you can collect all the trash you produce in your trash container if you tackle a house demo, remodeling, construction, or roofing job.

Remember, a deconstruction activity can generate a demolition ruble that best fits in a dumpster.

Here at Dump A Box, we accept various C&D waste. And examples of such garbage include wood, concrete, gypsum, metals, bricks, shingles, dirt, building fixtures, plastics, asphalt, and much more.

Whether you have wall or bath tear-outs, you can bet that a dumpster will suffice.

Remember that some C&D waste is cumbersome, and that means that the weight limit applies for any roll-off dumpster size that you rent.

The construction waste that we consider heavy includes drywall, concrete, dirt, plaster, and bricks.

what can go in your columbus roll off dumpster

Landscaping trash

Some of the landscaping waste is an excellent example of biodegradable waste. And you can put this type of waste in your roll-away container.

In most cases, you can put bush trimmings, branches, tree stumps, dirt, and grass in your dumpster rental.

Also, since most yard trash is organic, a limit on what you can discard may apply depending on your local guidelines.

When it comes to putting the trash in a dumpster, the thumb rule is to ensure that the waste is non-hazardous.

If you have questions, you better talk to our courteous crew here at Dump A Box.