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Guide to E-Waste in Columbus

No one wants to deal with E-waste save for professional electronic waste haulers and recyclers.

Well, this is because of the toxic nature of E-waste. If you didn’t know, electronic garbage is harmful even to our landfills.

And that is why effective E-waste management is imperative. Whether it is an old iPod or a stereo system, this guide to E-waste in Columbus will give you a blueprint for managing and disposing of electronic trash.

How do you dispose of electronic waste?

Here is the fact, you can’t keep dead electronics for long in your house, and it will simply clutter your home and pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.

The ideal way to manage E-waste in Columbus is to dispose of it responsibly.

Luckily, there are a ton of ways to eliminate electronic trash seamlessly.

  • Drop off E-waste at a certified recycling center

First, one of the best strategies you can take when you have electronic trash is to drop them off at a recycling facility.

E-waste drop-off facilities have the knowledge and availability to manage electronic waste responsibly.

Consider taking your residential or commercial electronic waste to a local E-waste recycler. 

E-waste recyclers can repurpose some electronic garbage and resell it to consumers.

With non-repairable electronic waste, your recycler can shred them and recover precious materials to use in manufacturing other products.

For instance, they can recover precious metals like palladium, aluminum, gold, copper, silver, and other metals.

  • Donate working electronics

Additionally, another way to discard E-waste is to donate the working electronics. Chances are, you upgrade your phone, laptops, TVs, or even tablets and keep the old ones in working conditions.

Facilities like Goodwill Columbus will gladly accept your good working electronics and save you some storage spaces.

Also, you can consider other electronic donation centers in Columbus, Ohio, to donate your functioning electronics.

  • Trade-in old electronics at your local store

If you need to upgrade your electronic gadget, you can consider trade-in services so the store can help recycle your obsolete tech.

A retail store like Best Buy has electronic waste trade-in programs. You can take your unwanted electronic items to the store and get a discount on the price of the electronic you want.

Remember, the device should be working to qualify for trade-in programs. Otherwise, you can consider the in-store electronic waste recycling disposal option.

Finally, if going to the store in person isn’t an option, you can give the E-waste to the store’s delivery guy when they drop off the package at your home.

  • Sign up for electronic take-back programs

Many electronic manufacturers offer take-back programs so consumers can take an obsolete back to the manufacture for responsible disposal. 

These manufacturers include Acer, Asus, Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo, LG, and much more.

guide to e-waste in columbus

What electronics can you recycle?

As the tech sector thrives, the generation of E-waste increases at an alarming rate. And these obsolete electronic items have valuable materials that recyclers can salvage for reuse.

You can recycle electronic trash like;

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • Batteries
  • Tablets
  • Computer accessories
  • Large electronics like ovens and refrigerators
  • Audio and video devices like cameras and stereo systems
  • Lamps

Remember, it is vital to check with your E-waste recycler for the list of recyclable electronic garbage.

Electronic waste dos and don’ts in Columbus

Use a certified e-steward recycler. Don’t just recycle with any E-waste recycling facility. Consider a licensed and endorsed recycler to handle your obsolete electronics.

Retrieve or erase your data before disposing of an old electronic. It is crucial to keep your data and personal information secure, and you don’t know what the other person might do with your information.

Don’t mix E-waste with the regular trash. Need help getting rid of e-waste and regular trash. Contact Dump-A-Box for all your trash hauling and roll off rental needs.