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Columbus Weekend Renovation Tips

Are you planning to tackle a renovation this upcoming Easter weekend? It can be pretty challenging when fixing a renovation project within two days. Planning and being realistic about the scope of the work is the first step to acing your weekend renovation. We understand! Tackling a remodeling job amidst caring for your family, handling your pets, and all the interruptions that come with it can be pretty infuriating. Below are our excellent Columbus weekend renovation tips to help you thrive through your weekend home remodeling project.

Pick a Columbus Weekend renovation project that you can complete This weekend.

While home remodeling projects sound exciting, they differ in scope and need different skillsets—if you’re going to DIY.

Don’t take the popular DIY shows you watch seriously, and believe that you can tackle a remodeling in the shortest time as perceived on the show.

Pick a weekend renovation project that you can tackle effortlessly. 

You can consider updates that need minimal time and effort to complete and don’t require extensive skills.

If you’re hiring a tradesperson, you can check with them if they can complete the job on the weekend.

Are you wondering what home renovations to do on the weekend?

You can freshen up your ceramic floor tiles with new tile paints, update the hardware, fix the front door, update the bathroom floors, customize kitchen cabinets, or fix the porch area. 

Get help from your family or friends.

Weekend renovations may sound easy to handle, but things like decluttering, demolitions, and material sourcing can take a toll on you.

Involve your family or call some of your friends to come over and help you renovate on the weekend.

You can let kids spruce up their rooms under your watch. They’ll be happy to update their rooms and learn in the process.

And as they say, two heads are better than one! The extra helping hand can help you see things differently and achieve weekend renovation goals.

Columbus weekend renovation tipsPlan ahead for the debris

Weekend renovations can be exhilarating until you have to move junk and demolition debris standing in the way.

Planning for the trash is equally crucial as any other part of the renovation plan.

Here is the thing; even tiny spaces like the bathroom and the closet can generate a dozen boxes of junk.

Plan to declutter and eliminate clutter ahead of d-day, and also consider the garbage you will produce while renovating.

And before you scratch your head, bin rental is the ideal solution for renovation waste regardless of the size.

Dump A Box provides dumpster rental services for minor and large-scale home updates.

You can schedule a rental so that it arrives right on time when you need to declutter and remove demolition debris.

Book your contractor beforehand

If your weekend project isn’t a DIY, you might need to hunt for your tradesperson ahead of time.

You can get referrals from friends or check reviews online and get quotes beforehand.

Contact a few contractors to see their availability and services rates. 

Lock in the contractor that matches your project needs and budget.

Get organized

The most important way to survive your weekend renovations is to streamline your project.

You can get a protective tarp to cover stuff like furniture and keep dust away.

Set up a budget for living arrangements if the project will disrupt your stay at home.

Another way to stay on top of a weekend renovation is to handle one room at a time.

Create storage systems and keep your items systematically, and you can use a digital planner to keep track of the inventory.

And there you have it! Hopefully, your next Columbus weekend renovation will be smooth-sailing and hassle-free. 

Ready to get started? Contact us for a dumpster rental to get your project going today!