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2022 Columbus Recycling Tips

Are you looking for excellent strategies to improve your recycling game in Columbus? Recycling in 2022 goes beyond giving plastics a second life; it helps the environment, reduces landfill waste, and creates local jobs. However, contaminated recyclables prove to be the biggest setback to recycling efforts and goals. With recycling guidelines constantly changing, continuous practice and learning are crucial to ensure a higher recycling rate in Columbus. We share the best 2022 Columbus recycling tips to help recycle smart and efficiently.


What are some top 2022 Columbus recycling Tips?

Recycling, whether at home or office, gets easier when you know the dos and don’ts.

Before you toss an item into the trash or recycling bin, the first thing to do is check the recycling label.

For example, plastics have recycling labels from one to seven, indicating their recyclable nature. Technically, plastics are recyclable, but some have material combinations that make them hard to recycle. 


Understand items to recycle in Columbus

What items should you put in your recycling bin? Recycling right starts with putting the right things in the blue cart. While it sounds straightforward, it can be hard to decide which items to put in the recycling bin.

Furthermore, putting the acceptable recycling waste in poor conditions into the blue bin can render the whole batch useless.

For instance, tossing containers with food residue or pizza boxes soaked in grease can damage an entire recycling line.

The easy-to-toss items you can put in your blue cart include;

  • Paper and cardboard

You can recycle any paper and cardboard material but ensure that they are clean and dry.

Also, flatten the cardboard and ensure that the waste papers in the blue cart don’t have plastic films.

The paper and cardboard items for recycling include clean and dry cardboard, pizza boxes, dry food boxes, toilet paper rolls, plain office paper, catalogs, phone books, newspapers, and colored office paper.

According to the University of South Indiana, recycling 2,000 pounds of paper and cardboard can save 17 trees!


  • Plastic bottles and jars

Ensure to clean and dry your plastic bottles and containers before putting them in the recycling cart. Any plastic material that doesn’t have a bottle or jar dimension isn’t recyclable in your blue cart.

Some plastic bottles and jars for recycling include water bottles, cleaning product containers, milk, and juice containers, peanut butter containers, oil, and yogurt containers.


  • 2022 Columbus recycling tips

  • Glass bottles and containers

Are you stuck with dozens of glass bottles and jars in the house? You can toss glass items in the recycling bin.

Put any color of your wine, beer, and spirit glass bottles in the blue cart for recycling. Other recyclable glass items include baby food jars, jam, and sauces containers.

Furthermore, you can recycle perfume and cream glass bottles.


  • Aluminum and steel cans

Throw all your aluminum and steel containers into the recycling bin. Whether it is a beverage or aerosol container, all are recyclable.

Examples of aluminum cans include soda, beer, and canned food cans. Recycling these cans can protect virgin aluminum ore reserves from exploitation.


You can recycle certain items infinitely.

Did you know that you can recycle certain items infinitely? That’s right! You can recycle certain items many times without losing the purity or quality of the material.

Examples of these items include glass, aluminum, and metals. Additionally, it is easy to re-use containers or jars made from glass or aluminum.

Remember, you can only recycle container glass, not glass mirrors, windows, or glassware.

Be sure to grab a product packaged in such containers than plastic ones because they are cost-effective to recycle.


Biggest recycling contaminants 

Understanding the biggest recycling contaminants is a sure way to being an eco-warrior.

Recycling contaminants are so damaging that they can shut down the recycling plant.

The non-recyclable material you shouldn’t put in the recycling includes shredded paper, scrap metal, plastic bags, straws, cups, wrappers/packets, liquids, mirrors, frozen food boxes, and flattened cans.

Are you ready to recycle in Columbus? Hopefully, the above 2022 recycling tips can help. Let Dump A Box help you with the removal of recycling materials as well as trash and debris if you’re remodeling, clean out junk, or otherwise need a dumpster rental.