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2022 Sustainable Living Tips

The time to create a sustainable planet for a better future is now. And thankfully, sustainable living choices are an excellent way to protect the earth’s natural resources and minimize climatic impacts. A sustainable lifestyle helps us understand how our daily activities and choices impact the environment.  Your efforts in protecting the planet contribute to the collective efforts to lower carbon footprint and environmental damage. Importantly, sustainable living offers more benefits to your life. For instance, it improves your health, reduces waste, saves money, and more. If you’re looking for 2022 sustainable living tips, you are in the right place. Below are ways you can promote sustainable living.

Sustainable Living Tips for Columbus Residents

Cut on food waste

Food production can use mind-boggling tons of fossil fuels, fertilizers, and water. With time, these farming actions can lead to severe environmental impacts. Some foodstuff doesn’t make it to the shelves due to cosmetic issues, and they end up in the dumpster. Food waste at home can also be pretty common due to poor handling, storage, and cooking excess, spoiling healthy produce.

While food production strains the natural resources, food waste causes more harm to an already limping planet. Research shows that food waste accounts for 8% of toxic gas emissions that can affect the ozone layer.

Leave sustainably by eliminating food waste and making intentional choices around your consumption. Try eating all the food in your fridge/pantry before getting more from the grocery store. Additionally, store your food in the best conditions to last longer. Keep veggies, fruits, and meat in the fridge or freezer and dry grains in air-tight containers. Cook enough food, or be creative with your leftovers and make delicious meals. Food scraps can make yummy food, too, or you can compost.

Do away with plastics.

Plastic has a deep root in consumers’ ecosystems, from packaging to dishware, grocery bags, and food containers. While single-use plastics can be convenient, they’re not friendly to the environment. One of the crucial sustainable living tips is to discard single-use plastics.

Go for a reusable grocery back because it lasts longer and is eco-friendly. Pick a glass or an aluminum one for your water bottle and use it instead of buying water in plastic bottles. You can do the same for your coffee cup and straws and buy sustainable products with less plastic packaging.

2022 sustainable living tips columbusRecycle

Every item has its end life, but that doesn’t mean it is trash. Recycling gives an item a new life and reduces the amount of waste in the landfills. Consider reusing stuff before discarding them in the trash bin. You can upcycle your old clothes, recycle electronics, regular home recyclables, and even construction debris.

Be energy efficient

Prevent energy waste by buying appliances with the energy star label. Appliance models with the energy star label check all the boxes of stricter energy regulations and can consume up to 50% less energy. Though these appliances cost a pretty penny, they are worth it.

Additionally, ensure that you unplug appliances to conserve more energy when not used.

Cycle instead of driving a car

Vehicles on the road are the biggest air pollutants and contribute to health effects on humans like asthma, cardiac arrest, and other respiratory diseases. Switching to a sustainable mode of transport is an excellent way to lower toxic gases in the air and save the planet. You can try taking a bicycle instead of driving a car to commute. Alternatively, you can embrace public transportation or carpool with family and friends.

Do green renovations

Creating a greener home is an excellent way to save money on utilities. You can cut costs on heat and air conditioning by insulating your home. Install programmable thermostats and weatherproof your house to save energy. Additionally, use faucets and showerheads with aerators and low-flow functions to save water. 

Are you ready to tackle home upgrades for sustainability? Dump A Box provides sustainable solutions for remodeling waste. Give us a call.