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The Ultimate Guide to your Columbus Declutter Project

The Ultimate Guide to Your Columbus Declutter Project

Have you ever watched those satisfying house-declutter shows on TV and get motivated to declutter your house? With the busy schedules and lives that we lead, it is no-surprise for clutter to go unnoticed in our homes. Clutter makes your house messy and look bus. Also, it escalate levels of stress and anxiety. Yikes! Clutter can also make it a hassle to locate things when you need them, traps dust, cause and escalate fires, and block entry/exit ways in case of an emergency in your home. 

Purging your cluttered space is crucial and often not easy. However, we have the ultimate room-by-room guide for your Columbus declutter project. The tips below apply whether you want to downsize, declutter before a move, or prepare for a house sale. 

Benefits of decluttering.

Decluttering is more than just rediscovering your space-It is taking time to make tough decisions about your possessions and putting your organization and creativity skills to the test.

  • Tidying up your home improves your mental health.

According to a study, clutter can trigger stress and anxiety that can be detrimental to your mental health. Decluttering and putting your space in order can help alleviate and improve your mental health. Furthermore, an organized area will help you concentrate better, puts you in a good mood, and be able to relax and sleep better.

  • Decluttering improves your safety.

Escaping in a cluttered space in cases of emergency like fire breakouts can be near impossible. Organizing your house and staying on top of junk improves safety and helps prevent house accidents like trip accidents and potential house fires. 

  • It is therapeutic to declutter and can help you find lost items.

Decluttering is the time to go through those old bags, boxes, and purging your closets. Additionally, this means that you are likely to find those lost treasures like your jewelry, sentimental and valuable items that you had forgotten, photographs e.t.c 

Additionally, decluttering is therapeutic and can boost your confidence in problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Guide to your Columbus declutter project.

1. Accept the declutter challenge.

The first step to your Columbus declutter project is recognizing the full extent of the clutter problem. Accept the challenge to change your perspective and start getting rid of the clutter. Take one step, do smaller tasks that bring you quick wins, and motivate you to keep staying on top of the mess. 

2. Make a decluttering routine.

It is easy to relapse into old perspectives after decluttering. Make it a daily practice to keep clutter out of sight and create a plan to declutter periodically. You can schedule to declutter areas like the basement room, garage, attic, storage, and closets every three months. Work on areas that can clutter quickly, like the kids’ playrooms, daily.

3. Use popular and proven decluttering methods.

Decluttering projects should be easy and rewarding but can also be quite a headache. The work can be overwhelming, costly, and sometimes the guilt of tossing away old items can be a challenge. Luckily, there are proven decluttering methods to make the process easy. These include the four-box-method, minimalist 50/50 approach; the 90/90 declutter rule, and the 20/20 rule. These methods are efficient, minimalist, and can help you make decisions when disposing of items.

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4. Divide and declutter.

Once you settle on a decluttering method to use, divide your rooms and declutter one space at a time. You can start decluttering your bedrooms, bathrooms followed by storage areas like the garage, attic, basement, and finish with the entryways.

5. Re-evaluate your house organization.

To reduce the clutter baggage in the future, you need to re-evaluate your house organization. For instance, be intentional about the things you keep and ensure that you need the item. Organize your possession using storage containers and be a minimalist. Don’t let the sentimental feeling, procrastination, and chaotic spaces take control of your world.

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