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5 Basement Renovation Ideas to do in a Weekend

Are you stuck with a basement area that needs renovation? Perhaps you are looking for creative ideas to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your basement. Often, the basement room remains unfinished for some reasons-well, maybe because it is underground and no one gives much thought about it- and you end up with a vast canvas waiting for you to fill with your basement renovation ideas.

It is easy to turn an unfinished basement into a storage area for household junk and memorabilia because of its dark and dungeon-like state. However, remodeling your basement can add an extra valuable space to your home, and often a finished basement is the biggest asset to property owners.  

From storage spaces, wine cellars, kids’ play area to a home office, below are five basement renovation ideas to do on a weekend.  

Create storage spaces

Random items thrown all over your business takes up a lot of space and create unwanted clutter. Transform your basement by creating storage spaces. Install shelves you can use to store things you don’t often use, like tools, equipment, sporting gear, books, seasonal clothing, etc. Storage spaces like the overhead rack, cabinets, and shelves will transform your basement from a horror to a haven space you can enjoy. The best part of this type of basement renovation is that it is easy to DIY and takes less time, and you can work on it on the weekend. 

Turn your basement into a kid’s play area.

If you have little kids and don’t like the idea of having toys cluttering your main living space, then consider renovating your basement into a kids’ play area. Put a soft flooring, colorful kid’s room decor, easy-to-reach toys storage, and kids’ working areas. Kids’ play area will provide a safe and ambient space for toddlers to play in, have fun, and be creative.

Install new flooring, paint, and add lighting

Another basement renovation you can do on a weekend is to finish your basement with a touch of new paint, flooring, and lighting to brighten your space. An unfinished basement consists of concrete floors, walls, exposed pipes and wiring, and joists. This makes the room cold, dark, and a not-so-fun place. Install new flooring, finish up the walls and add some basement lighting. You can fix windows for natural light, use ceiling lighting, string lighting, or floor lamps. Soft floor carpets can warm up your basement space, so consider installing one.

basement renovation ideas in Columbus Ohio

Bring your home office to Your basement Renovation.

Do you need a space to turn into a home office? The basement can provide the perfect spot for a home office. Get a quiet room where you can do your job without interruptions by remodeling the basement. Bring in your ideal office furniture and equipment to the basement if you work from home. You can also set a gaming room if you would like to have fun gaming in a quiet space at home. 

Install a bar area and wine cellars.

Another way to repurpose that cold porch beneath your home is to install a bar area and wine room. Go the extra mile and add a kitchenette where you can use to prepare snacks in the basement. The beverage storage comes in handy when you need a glass or two while gaming or watching a movie.

With all the above basement renovation ideas, there are endless possibilities of repurposing your cold and neglected room. Reclaim your basement area, add a guest room complete with a bath, use it for gaming or anything you can imagine-on-a-weekend! 

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