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6 Tips to Go Green in 2021

Last year taught us that doing a positive thing for the environment is crucial now more than ever. Extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding are a result of human actions. The change in climatic conditions is the planet showing us that we need to go green in 2021 and save the environment. 

If one of your new year plans is to go green, then we have the best tips to help you do better for the environment. When you change your environmental perspective to a positive one and focus on a sustainable lifestyle, you help create a better world.


Six tips to go green in 2021.

  • Dump the plastic bags for the reusable shopping bags.

Plastic bags are one of the deadliest waste that fills the landfills and the ocean. According to statistics, Americans use over 100 billion plastic bags in a year. This figure is equivalent to 1,500 grocery bags per family in a year. And this cumulative number starts with that single plastic bag you take and fail to return to the store for recycling. One way of going green in 2021 and cut these astronomical numbers down is to stop using plastic shopping bags and use reusable bags instead. The benefits of reusable bags are that they last longer, are of good quality, saves on costs, are in different styles, and you can choose one that meets your taste. Also, the durability of reusable bags helps keep resources, unlike plastic bags. 

2. Swap out the single-use products for sustainable ones.

It is easy to grab a single-use product at the store or the cafe, like plastic straws and cups. Producing these single-use items takes up a lot of resources and energy. To help protect the environment in 2021, you can swap the single-use products for sustainable items like metal and bamboo straws. Bring and use your reusable coffee cups like the ones made from stainless steel, bamboo, or even glass. 

Also, avoid using sets of cutlery made from plastic and bring your reusable ones. Remember to bring your sustainable water bottle to prevent picking the plastic water bottles at the store. Reusable items leave minute footprints on our environment. What’s more, reusable items come in gorgeous designs to express your style and personality.  

3. Recycle better.

Recycling better is more than tossing items with the infamous recycling symbol in the recycling bin. Take advantage of the recycling system your city offers and recycle more things this year. Ensure that you follow the right methods of recycling to ensure zero contamination of your recyclables. Always twin the bins-one for recyclable waste and the other for non-recyclable trash. Dump A Box can help if you need a dumpster for commercial or residential recyclable waste.

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4. Cut down on food waste.

Another step you can take to go green in 2021 is to cut down on food waste. Buy only enough groceries and always empty your kitchen pantry and fridges before making visits to the store. If you have a garden, then growing your food is less costly and more eco-friendly. Grow your herbs, vegetables, and fruits in your home garden.

5. Reduce your trash production by composting.

Composting is also another eco-friendly and one of the best ways to go green this new year. Make compost from your food waste and yard debris, and you will help reduce the trash you produce. You can channel your compost’s end product, which is the organic manure for use in your garden and landscaping.

6. Precycle.

Precycling is the process of considering the end life of a product when purchasing it. And it is one of the best ways of reducing the waste production at the source. Be intentional when buying things at the store and consider the packaging of the items. This concept ensures that you consider buying products with minimalist packagings.


Dump a Box is here to support you in your recycling efforts by providing whatever information we can, and for those items that you can’t recycle, rent a dumpster and get a clear space this year.