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5 Best Yard Updates for Spring

choose these yard updates for spring

Are the spring blooms giving you the DIY energy and feel like improving your yard? Doing outdoor projects can be an exciting way to spend time soaking in warm weather and blooming flowers after months of cold weather. When the grounds start to thaw, you realize how winter-weary your gardens look, and yard updates for spring can be the magic.

Yikes! Blemish yards can be an eyesore. On the other hand, renovating and maintaining your yard improves the curb appeal, provides a safe environment for your outdoor activities during the warm seasons, and, importantly, keeps pests away. Here are the five best yard updates for spring.

1. Clean up your yard

One of the projects you can do to make your yard spring-ready is clean up the entire yard. Freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and rain can wreak havoc on your yard. The unforgiving winter weather can create a lot of yard debris and damage grass hence creating bare unsightly patches. With pleasant weather for outdoor activities, you can start with a yard clean-up project. Get out your lawnmower, rakes, and start trimming your overgrown yard plants, shrubs and mow any long grass. Discard all the yard debris and ensure that your lawn grass and plants are in good shape. Apply fertilizers, water, and weed for more healthy plants. Also, elevate the appearance of your bland yard by playing around with mulch. Dark mulch can make your plants stand out, but you can also opt for more dramatic colors and textures like gold, red or cider-toned mulch. Sharpen the lawn edges and give it a manicured look. Plant more plants, and you can add potted plants if you don’t have enough yard space. 

2. Improve your patio furniture

Once your yard is looking sharp with no debris on sight, it is time to work on other yard details. You spend more time in the outdoor living space during the warm months. And that means you have patio furniture and outdoor seating. Improving this outdoor furniture is also another yard update for spring that you don’t want to overlook. Discard furniture that has seen better days and replace them with new, durable, and water-resistant patio furniture. Remember, the patio furniture can be a focal point, so hit the stores and invest in furniture and seating that fits your yard design.

3. Create a shade in the yard

Spending time outside during warm seasons can be fun, but too much sun exposure can be harmful. Update your yard with a balance of sun and shade so you can enjoy your outdoor living space without worrying about too much sun exposure. Think outside the patio umbrella and explore more stylish shade ideas like installing a shade and shelter. 

Columbus OH yard updates4. Add a fire pit. 

Another update you should consider for a spring-ready yard is a fire pit. Extend the daytime fun to the night hours by creating a warm spot you can spend time with family and friends cracking jokes as you roast marshmallows. There are many fire pit ideas you can explore for a warm and cozy outdoor living space. From custom portable fire pits to open concrete fire pits, you will never go wrong with a fire pit. Also, multipurpose fire pits can serve as coffee tables during the day and are s’mores worthy fire pits after sunset.

5. Install lighting accents

Don’t let beautiful yard shine during the day only; make it stand out during the night by installing lighting to illuminate. It is unnecessary to hire a contractor to help install state-of-the-art lighting; you can DIY your lighting using available items at home like string lights. Lights in your yard can help illuminate focal points and path walks at night. 

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