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bracketology basics

Make your selection count! Understanding bracketology basics

March Madness is in full swing and like many of us, your bracket might already be busted. Why does it seem to happen every year? We make our decisions based on RPI, matchup strength, personal affinity and calculated risk. We consider Cinderella hopefuls while trying not to deviate too far off of the chalk favorites. Yet invariably, Tara from HR is winning the office pool because she made her selections based on whether or not the school colors clash with her nail polish and how muscular the mascot is.  Don’t be too discouraged. Bracketology basics expert,  DePaul University Professor Jeff Bergen shows us why he thinks the odds of filling out a perfect bracket are somewhere in the realm of 1 in 128 billion. Just to give you a frame of reference, the odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 282 million (source:  Yes, you are four times more likely to match six completely random numbers than you are to deduce your way to choosing all of the winners in your NCAA bracket. 

Much of this basketball model can be applied to choices we make on a daily basis; choosing a restaurant for dinner, a church for worship, a realtor to sell your home or a dumpster service to help you haul away your remodeling debris all require some bit of comparative analysis to determine its desirability.  

bracketology basics

We might ask our colleagues, friends, or family what their opinions are. We can utilize social media or search engine reviews to weigh our decisions. Our choices can be deliberated over until we are blue in the face but there will always be variables that come into play that we don’t expect or have answers for.  Having a clear idea of what you value can ease the selection process and help you narrow down the field.  When it comes to choosing a company to help you clear an acre of yard waste, years of accumulated basement clutter or remnants left behind from a foreclosed property, you want a qualified and courteous crew that has the ability to understand those values.  When you have concerns about where you’re discarded “junk” will be disposed or recycled you will likely want to know the location or possibly more about how the process works. Dump-A-Box is your local solution home grown in Columbus, Ohio that can provide answers to all of your questions. When you call to order or learn more about the company, it is likely that you will speak directly with the owner.  Dump-A-Box will hand-sort your refuse making certain to divert the waste to the appropriate facility for disposal or re-purposing. Our mini-dumpsters are specifically designed to be light enough for residential driveways but large enough to be an optimal container for your typical junk removal project.  Dump-A-Box is responsive and flexible giving many options for delivery and size.

Dump-A-Box is the greenest and cleanest disposal hauling company in central Ohio. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and give us a call; while we might be just as lost as you are when it comes to successfully picking this season’s Final Four, we are definitely blazing a trail when it comes to providing you with championship caliber service at an affordable rate.