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let it go

Let it go…let it go

If you have children or grandchildren it is probable that the mere mention of these three words conjures up images of a storied ice princess and her quest to conquer doubts, limitations and fear. Before Disney seared these lyrics into many of our brains however, the phrase “let it go” had a much more straightforward meaning. Undoubtedly you have things you would like to forget about literally and figuratively. We want to focus on those literal things that might be stacked in in your attic, basement or storage unit.

After you decide what to sell and what to keep, give us a shout. Dump-A-Box is the greenest and cleanest disposal hauling company in central Ohio and because they are smaller and lighter, our right-sized  dumpsters can be dropped in many locations that traditional roll-off containers cannot. If you prefer, we can also assist with loading the dumpster! We make every effort to divert material that can be reused, repurposed or recycled by diverting it properly from a landfill.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and call us today! We will clean out your  space and help you let it all go.