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Guide to Columbus Dumpster Permits

Do you need a permit for your Columbus dumpster rental? Are you proposing a residential project like a large-scale renovation that may require a roll-off? If you are caught between vast piles of debris and a small space to drop off a junk container, you may need to use the street for your dumpster. Here comes trouble! The street is a community space, and you will need approval before you place your dumpster. To show that you have the leeway to use public property for your project, you need to provide a dumpster permit. Before you stress about dumpster rental permits, you should know that the process of getting one is easy, and it varies from one project to another. So how do you get a permit if you need to have one? This is a guide to Columbus dumpster permits to help you comply with local ordinances.

What is a dumpster permit?

A dumpster permit refers to a document from the local municipality that authorizes you to encroach a public space like the street, alley, or any public right of way.

This dumpster permit gives you the right to place your dumpster in the public space for a given period, like seven days.

Additionally, the purpose of dumpster permits is to ensure that your residential or construction projects are per the Colombus City codes and ethos.

There are different kinds of permits for various construction and demolition projects. For example, in Colombus, Ohio, there are two types of tickets: occupancy and excavation permits. 

Dumpster permits are in the category of occupancy permits because you want to occupy a public right of way. And remember that you will have to pay permit fees. 

dumpster rentals Columbus, OhioHow do I get Columbus dumpster permits? 

Before you think about pulling a Columbus dumpster permit, you should check if your project needs to use one. You can consult the pros at Dump A Box so that you can understand the process of obtaining a permit in Columbus, Ohio. If getting a dumpster permit is the best option for your project, then the process of requisition one from the Department of Public Service begins right away. 

You need to start the permit request process early since the department needs all customers to submit a request three days in advance. 

Thanks to Covid, getting a Columbus dumpster permit is online. 

You can apply for your permit through the online permitting portal. The department will review and process your dumpster permit.

To be awarded the dumpster license, your permit application should meet all the minimum requirements.

If anything about the permitting process is not clear, you can email or call the department to get more information.

Can you order a dumpster once you have a permit?

Once your process a dumpster permit for your proposed project in Columbus, Ohio, the rest of the things will be easy. Give your rental a call to bring the container to your site. At Dump A Box, we will place the dumpster in the right spot according to your dumpster permit. Our delivery drivers will ensure that you are not blocking other motorists on the street.

A hassle-free way to getting a Columbus Dumpster Permit

If you follow the dumpster permit guidelines, the process can be painless and faster. In addition, having a permit to display when using public alleyways, walkways, or the street will save you from breaking the local codes, which can lead to hefty fines.

Remember, regardless of where you want to place your bin, Dump A Box is always ready to see that your project succeeds. In some situations, we can help you get a dumpster permit in Columbus. Contact us to get a unique container size that’s best for your project.