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Columbus Garage Organizing Tips

Imagine this; you get storage bins to put stuff in the garage to create more space for clutter. Do you feel me? This means that you end up with more junk and knickknacks that you don’t need. And soon enough, you will have no room left for your car. If you are at a point where your vehicle doesn’t fit in the garage because of junk, then our Columbus garage organizing tips could come in handy. The garage area being the spot that holds most clutter means that space can be an absolute mess. 

Top Columbus Garage Organizing Tips

Discard anything that you don’t use in the garage

Let’s face it, cleaning up a messy garage can be a daunting task. And often, it takes lots of motivation to start decluttering your garage. The first step you should consider is to chuck anything that you don’t need inside the garage. 

Don’t second guess about any item; as long as you don’t use it and it lacks sentimental value, you can throw it away. 

The good thing is that there are different ways to discard stuff. For instance, you can donate, recycle, sell or upcycle items in your garage.

If the size of the junk you produce in your Columbus garage is astronomical—which is probably true—you can get a professional junk hauler like Dump A Box to help you.

Columbus garage organizing tips 

Start cleaning

Once the clutter is out, you can start cleaning, fixing, and adding finishes to your garage where necessary. Chances are, if you have garage cabinets, its door hinges are loose. Start cleaning from ceiling to floor and wall to wall to eliminate dust, pests and give your garage a clean look. 

In the spirit of garage cleaning, you can apply a fresh coat of paint, fix the floor, and perhaps change the garage door.  

Create garage zones

Are you fed up with tossing your beach gears in the mix of sporting equipment, tools, bikes, automotive stuff, and holiday decorations? Creating and labeling garage zones is the ultimate solution to such stress. For instance, you can have the gardening tools section, beach gear section, automotive equipment and supplies section, holiday deco section, etc.

The benefits of these garage zones are that they add functionality and creates more room in the garage. Also, with zones, it is easy to find or store an item.

Install the garage cabinets.

One way to eliminate garage clutter for good and create a minimalistic space is to install storage cabinets in the garage. There is a lot of stuff in the garage that can cause accidents or harm to small children or pets. 

You want to keep such stuff out of reach, and the ideal way is to keep them in a lockable cabinet. 

Given that the work of garage cabinets is to hold heavy items, you need to consider certain things when purchasing them—for example, buying cabinets that can store heavy tools or with hooks is a great idea.

Fill the odd and empty wall spaces with shelves.

Another excellent way to organize your garage is to take advantage of the empty wall spaces by installing shelves. Shelves can help you take many things off the floor in the garage and ultimately create a room where you can move freely. 

Additionally, the shelves will provide a perfect spot to keep your storage containers. 

Get storage supplies.

One of the ideal ways to keep your garage organized is to use storage containers. You can use crates, baskets, containers, or hooks to keep your items in one place. Also, remember to label your baskets or storage containers so that it is easy to store, access, and purge your garage space. 

Are you ready to declutter your Columbus garage? Let Dump A Box serve you.