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3 Dumpster Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Booking a roll-off dumpster may be something you don’t think about until you need to dispose of large debris on your property. Having a roll-off bin on your property or work site comes with responsibilities. If you are not careful, you may end up making some costly dumpster rental mistakes.

You want your remodeling project to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That is why it is vital to understand some of the dumpster rental mistakes and how you can avoid them. Dumpster rental mistakes are costly, especially when you have a project on tight deadlines. In this post, we will guide you on some of the dumpster rental mistakes you can avoid and enjoy a fantastic rental experience.

dumpster rental mistakes Columbus, OH

1. Avoid working with brokers.

The dumpster rental business is significant. And in this industry, there are different dumpster rental service providers. Some are locally owned businesses, which means that they serve local customers within your area. Others are brokers that operate on behalf of a bigger dumpster rental chain. The latter is costly since you are not dealing with the real business owner. You may end up paying more in dumpster rental fees, or wait longer before you receive your trash container.

If you are not careful while choosing your dumpster rental company, you may end up working with a broker who will pass you to someone else and the service is almost never as good. Bad service can end up being one of the most frustrating dumpster rental mistakes.

Working with a locally owned and operated business, on the other hand, means that you will save on transportation costs and also you are dealing with people who understand your geographical area well.

Also, local dumpster rental companies offer personalized service attention and guarantee excellent customer service.

Avoid working with a broker as much as you can to avoid risks and excess rental fees.

2. Avoid choosing the wrong dumpster size.

Most dumpster rental companies offer dumpsters in different sizes. The reason behind this is that we understand that clean up projects come in different sizes and shapes. We want you to pick the right container size to fit your project needs. One of the most common dumpster rental mistakes is choosing the wrong size dumpster.

When booking a container, be sure to ask about the available dumpster sizes and the amount of debris each size can take. Estimate the amount of waste you have and book the right size for your project. If you underestimate your junk and order a too-small container, you may need to order a second container at an additional rate. In the end, you end up spending more money on your budget. Avoid choosing smaller containers, and if you’re not sure, you can ask our staff to help you make the best choice.

3. Avoid tossing the wrong junk materials in your container.

It is easy to assume that you can toss in any trash in a dumpster. The waste management industry has set guidelines to ensure the safe disposal of waste. And for this reason, you cannot toss in hazardous waste in our dumpsters. When ordering a roll-off bin, let your dumpster rental company know the type of materials you will be throwing in the dumpster. Avoid putting oil containers, tires, aerosol containers, bulbs, chemicals, paint and paint cans, and other prohibited trash in your rental dumpster. Putting this unwanted hazardous waste in your roll-off can mean fines and additional fees. 

It is safest to contact your customer representative if you have questions about the items you want to put in your dumpster rental. Check out typically excluded waste or contact us for details.

Another way to avoid putting prohibited items in your rental is to call for dumpster pick up as soon as you finish your project.

Avoid dumpster rental pitfalls by working with us!

We care about you and we provide all the resources and information you need about dumpster rental in Central Ohio. Call or book online today.