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2023 Columbus Bathroom Remodel Tips

Does your bathroom need a facelift? Nothing is more boring than old grout, cracked tiles, and broken hardware in your bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can turn your favorite space into a luxe sanctuary; it plays a huge role in your daily life and deserves maintenance. You’re spot on if you plan to renovate the bathroom in Fall 2022! Fall can be the perfect time to keep your interior spaces, including the bath, up to date. The prices of materials and supplies might be lower during this time, and the weather is perfect for heavy work. However, bathroom remodeling can be tricky because there are many things to consider. Make a slight mistake, and you’ll have to deal with it for quite a while because bath renovations can cost a pretty penny. 

Easy 2023 Columbus Bathroom Remodel

So many things go into creating a functional, clean, and inviting bathroom, from plumbing to wiring to fixtures, tub, and toilet. You’ll have to deal with demolitions, construction, and anything in between for a successful bathroom remodeling project. Below are ways to simplify your fall Columbus bathroom remodel.

Plan and Budget 

Planning is crucial, whether a DIY or professional bathroom remodeling. You need to draft a budget to accommodate the cost of materials, labor, and miscellaneous stuff. The average price of remodeling a bathroom in Columbus depends on the size of your bath, the design, and the finishes you need to make. High-end materials can drive up the costs, but worth it if it is within your budget. Home Advisor says the average cost of upgrading a bathroom ranges between $6k and $16k. Thankfully, a wallet-friendly yet quality bathroom remodel is also doable.

Another thing to plan for is the alternative bathroom you’ll use while the renovation is underway. You can consider working on one bathroom at a time, which means you may need to declutter to create space. Additionally, you must create a plan for waste disposal ahead of time. 

Hire the Right Crew Early

Even though fall is a slow season for remodeling projects, it is crucial to book your service providers beforehand. It is easier to set a schedule that works for you this season, as contractors are not busy. Nonetheless, it is essential to call at least three different contractors to get the best offer in the market. 

Checking this off the list ensures you can complete your bathroom remodel on time. You don’t have to look far when you need a Columbus dumpster rental, and Dump A Box provides excellent solutions for remodeling debris at a competitively low rate. 

2023 Columbus Bathroom Remodel Tips

Update Yourself with Bathroom Remodeling Requirements in Columbus

Before pulling apart the bathroom floors or removing the toilet, it is crucial to update yourself with requirements. If you’re remodeling a dated bathroom, it might lack modern essential safety features like grab bars, GFCI outlets, and exhaust fans. 

Furthermore, building codes can change from time to time, and it is important to check out the latest regulations. Keep tabs on the remodeling requirements before starting your project to avoid pitfalls. There are specific rules your plumbing and wiring should conform to, and it is vital to know them, especially if you’re going to DIY. 

Eliminate Bathroom Remodeling Debris on the Go

Debris disposal can be the most stressful part of any project, and your best bet is to rent a roll-off dumpster from a local Columbus Dumpster Rental company. Dump A Box is proud to be the premier hauler, offering residential containers for projects like bathroom remodeling. Whether planning to upgrade the main or guest bathroom this fall, we got a suitable trash container for maximum productivity and efficiency.  Contact us today!